Would you like to start your own private practice?

Business Coach and Strategist

Tasia Milicevic, LCSW has had success in running multiple companies and is now dedicated to supporting other business owners to develop and advance their organizations.

Starting a private practice as a therapist, psychologist or other behavioral health professional is a thrilling experience. You get to choose your clients, set your own hours, and use new techniques to grow professionally. Being your own boss can feel liberating, but it also takes some business know-how.

Business leader and coach Tasia Milicevic is no stranger to success in the corporate sphere; with multiple successful companies under her belt, her skills and insight are now dedicated to helping business owners reach their goals.

By working as a business coach and leader, Tasia helps foster an environment of confidence and support for those who want to further develop and advance their organizations.

She works hard to provide strategies for growth and ongoing success, sharing her knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur with her clients every step of the way. With Tasia on your side, you have one powerful person helping you manifest the level of success you fantasize about!

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